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Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

This year’s edition of Art Basel Miami Beach rolls around December 1-4, 2011 and the local art community is already buzzing with anticipation of a banner year thanks to a rumored increase in cutting edge “Art Public” installations.

(Jenna whipped-up the opening poster for you a few minutes ago to show her unbounded excitement over ABMB) (more…)

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Two Upcoming Basel Art Events

Dani UmpiThe event listings for Basel are coming in hot and heavy these days, and here are two for your consideration…

Willard Wigan – The enchanting world of Willard Wigan makes its debut in Miami for Art Basel with 58 pieces–most formed in the eye of a needle, visible only by high-powered microscopes in custom cases. Highly anticipated pieces include Little Miss Muffet, Cameron Diaz (more…)

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By now we are confident you are scrolling past your thousandth post on the activities surrounding Miami’s Art Basel blitz. The press, the paparazzi, the painfully serious celebrities and art world wanna-bes have clogged the streets, blocked the bars and made it nearly impossible to go to Publix without VIP credentials. So let’s start the bonfire! (more…)

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