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crash29Just a quick note to bring to your attention to a documentary film we highly recommend. It’s titled “The Crash of 1929” and gives an insight into that often-referenced stock market event that is far beyond what any of us are familiar with. The film brings us an hour-by-hour account of the event, and also portrays a vision of why the crash was so devastating to America back then. It also shows how the recent economic events in our lives are no where near what our grandparents lived through.

CINEMA 2 AT THE WOLF is an ongoing documentary film series presented in collaboration with WPBT-Channel 2. Thursday, June 25, 7pm at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach. Free and is part of the PBS American Experience Series, written by Ronald H. Blumer.

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The Standard, Miami will host a special screening of Four Short Films with Collier Schorr as part of its Love Life film series on March 1st at 8pm to be followed by a Q&A with the artist.   EADS (2008, 3 minutes) takes a look inside the heads of US champion high school wrestlers.  It as recently included in the exhibition Hart Targets at LACMA.  CINDERELLA MOTEL (2007, 7 minutes) chronicles an interview with four top bareback rodeo riders in their Red Bluff, CA motel. (more…)

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We are eagerly awaiting the July 29th release of Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin’ with the Godmother,” which is the sequel to the original Cocaine Cowboys released in 2006.

We’ve watched CC1 numerous times and it’s one of those films that gets better with each repetition. The in-site into the lavish lifestyle of drug dealers in the 1970s and 80s set against the level of absolute brutality (more…)

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