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Our game plan for this month includes a Calle Ocho run for Viernes Culturales, the best opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and flavors of Calle Ocho and Miami’s amazing Latin community as all the art galleries, restaurants and bars open their doors for one unforgettable night of the month – only on the last Friday starting at sunset. Viernes Culturales (.org) 1600 SW Eighth Street, Downtown Miami 305-786-5250

But before that, we’ll do brunch at one of these Miami restaurants…

Hakkasan where haute Chinese cuisine from Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred Chef Alan Yau takes center stage at the Fontainebleau with four set dim sum menus that await your brunchtime delight. Enjoy 5 courses of dumplings, tea smoked BBQ meat, fresh seafood, stir-fried veggies and a hand pulled noodle dish for $28 per person.

Smile and say CHEESE at The Cheese Course, a popular eatery where sandwiches of grilled chicken, prosciutto and a variety of imported cheeses will make your lunch hour one of the happiest of the day. A platter of 3 cheeses and a glass of wine served on the breezy patio is the perfect respite after a day scouring the Midtown Mall for bargains.

And the ever popular BLTSteak at 1440 Ocean Drive. Dine on the front porch of the landmark Betsy Hotel where Chef Laurent Tourondel’s crack team crafts almond brioche French toast, berry-topped Belgian waffles and a BLT popover filled with poached eggs and cheese.

For dinner try Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar at 3067 Grand Avenue. Once you have gobbled your Latin American grilled steak, traditional Mexican entree or sampled a variety of house made ceviche creations served in tiny porcelain spoons, your waiter may surprise you by giving YOU a tip after dinner. In celebration of the holiday season, Jaguar presents each table with an envelope containing a surprise gift certificate for a free dessert, a bottle of wine, or even dinner for four

Not-to-be-forgotten is DB Bistro Moderne at 345 Avenue of the Americas. The brand new J.W. Marriott Hotel welcomes culinary icon Daniel Boulud to Miami along with his upscale interpretations of classic bistro fare. Billed as the intersection of French cuisine and the American market, the menu includes icy plateaus of seafood, imported meat and cheese charcuterie, a perfectly roast chicken and coq au vin. Perhaps the most popular entree is the short rib filled db Burger topped with foie gras – heaven on a bun.

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Three New Artists at Artformz in Miami

Artformz MiamiThe first exhibition of the fall 2010 season brings to Artformz the works of three new artists. Maxine Spector, Sara Rytteke, and Rossella Ramanzini each use the figure as central to their creative practice, but in different ways and with decidedly different motives. These three artists present us with imagery representaional of concerns currently present in contemporary arts dialogue. Whether in painting on paper, painting on wood panel, or large-scale photographic imagery, they treat the political, the spiritual, or the social, in original and compelling ways. (more…)

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The PassingThis month’s Wynwood Art Walk kicks it up a notch when the cutting-edge Calix Gustav Gallery debuts its newest exhibit The Passing on Saturday, July 10, 2010 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. with an opening reception and complimentary cocktails for all guests. The exhibition’s reception will take place at the gallery located in the Wynwood Arts District (98 NW 29th Street in Miami) and should be a focal point of the neighborhood’s monthly art walk.

The exhibit purports to portray the “fleeting of time, new seasons and new beginnings representing rebirth. This resurgence is only accomplished with the understanding of life; its meaning and its hardships.” We”ll be sure to let you know if it accomplishes this task. (The complimentary cocktails should help.)

Bios of the artists read…

Ecuadorian-born artist, Jovan Karlo Villalba creates cinematic paintings featuring visions of sweeping cataclysmic events. The increasing threat of man-made devastation in forms of biological and nuclear warfare, environmental catastrophe and economic ruin, in conjunction with their magnified portrayal in the media, has created an onslaught of social alarm and has subversively woven feelings of doom into the fabric of present-day life in America.

Colombian-born artist, Catalina Jaramillo creates an installation that deals with issues raised upon both separation from her partner and her mother’s death. The installation celebrates the obsessive tendencies that some manifest with their loss and grief, it is an accumulation of the memories and objects left behind at times of loss. In reviving those who we’ve lost we learn to accept life’s realities and thus, learn to move on and accept our destiny. The installation will combine aspects of performance art, video, photography, and sculpture.

Sculptor Richard Herzog examines parts of society and nature trying to bring awareness to these elements hoping to alter the viewer’s perceptions and make them look at things differently and consider the world they live in. The sculptures are a combination of a systematic organization of natural forms possessing a chaotic multi-layered visual effect mimicking our world, dominated by its rapid pace and over stimulation.

The Passing will run from July 10 through September 1, 2010. Regular gallery visiting hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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